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School bag

High quality, made in Poland. 

They are made of PLAVITEX FF material.

The bag is an offer for the kids who go to kindergarten and is perfect to hide shoes, changing clothes or other treasures’ kid.

The bag is an ideal for trip and holiday. It’s a waterproof, so kids can hide there wet towel or items which they use on pool.

The bag is rectangular, size 43/33 and is equipted in little ropes thank to we can close easy.

There is a possibility to wear it on the shoulder or on back.

PLAVITEX FF is a modern material which do not contain phthalates (tixic substances), do it’s a perfect choice for your kids.


There’s a possibility to make an own logo on bag, for example: child’s name, name of kindergarten, etc.

The cost will be discussed after we got the proposition if logo.


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