Go Paint Apron - Blue/Yellow

High quality, made in Poland.

Made from the PLAVITEX FF material, they are 100% waterproof.

The GO PAINT apron is a product for kindergarteners and young schoolchildren, it protects from stains in art classes, as well as during meals or other children’s play. It has a pocket, perfect for children’s accessories.

A towel attached with velcro is always on hand and let’s the child dry his or her palms.

The model is finished with a hem, put on through the head, tied on the sides.

PLAVITEX FF is a modern material not containing phtalanates, nontoxic, a safe choice for your child.


We offer the possibility to place a logo on the apron, like the child’s name, kindergarten name, etc.

Cost is determined after receiving a proposition of the logo


Size 98/110
This product is currently unavailable. 7.50 €                               

Size 116/122
This product is currently unavailable. 7.50 €                               

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