Happy Jacket - Grey/Fluo Pink

The Happy Jacket Grey/Fluo Pink, Happy Jacket Fluo Blue/Fluo Yellow High quality, made in Poland. It is made of PLAVITEX FF FLUORESCENT material, it is 100% water- and windproof. HAPPY JACKET is ideal for raing, cold, and windy days. Closed by a zipper hidden under a fold with additional clasps. The jacket has two pockets, ventilation in the armpits, hood tightened with string with stoppers, sleeves ending with windcatchers, bottom of jacket tightened with string. Reflective strips from the world leader in their production, 3M, placed on sleeves, pockets, and neck ensure excellent visibility on the road, which significantly improves the security of your child.

PLAVITEX FF is a modern material not containing phtalanates, nontoxic, a safe choice for your child.

If you won’t find the colors that you and your child like on our website, we will produce a unique item by special commission, tailored to your needs (waiting period about 2 weeks).

We offer the possibility to place a logo on the jacket, like the child’s name, kindergarten name, etc. Cost is determined after receiving a proposition of the logo.


Size 104
This product is currently unavailable. 24.75 €                               

Size 110
This product is currently unavailable. 24.75 €                               

Size 116
This product is currently unavailable. 24.75 €                               

Size 146
This product is currently unavailable. 24.75 €                               

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