Rain Jacket - Red

High quality, made in Poland. It is made from the PLAVITEX FF material, it is 100% waterproof and windproof. The RAIN jacket is a comfortable garment for rainy, cold, and windy days. Closed with clasps, wich let you take it off and put it on conveniently and quickly. The jacket has a hood, which is tightened with a string with stoppers, regulated sleeves and two pockets.

PLAVITEX FF is a modern material not containing phtalanates, nontoxic, a safe choice for your child.

If you won’t find the colors that you and your child like on our website, we will produce a unique item by special commission, tailored to your needs (waiting period about 2 weeks).

We offer the possibility to place a logo on the jacket, like the child’s name, kindergarten name, etc. Cost is determined after receiving a proposition of the logo.


Size 116
This product is currently unavailable. 17.50 €                               

Size 140
This product is currently unavailable. 17.50 €                               

Size 146
This product is currently unavailable. 17.50 €                               

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