Kids Chest Waders Crocodiles light green

If you buy these Kids Waders with light  green Rain Jacket  your child will have a great  water and wind protection set.

These waders have  the same color as the Rain Jacket, which is available in our online store.


Size 20/21
39.99 €

Size 22/23
39.99 €

Size 24/25
39.99 €

Size 26/27
This product is currently unavailable. 39.99 €                               

Size 28/29
39.99 €

Size 30/31
39.99 €

Size 32/33
39.99 €

Size 34/35
39.99 €


High quality, made in Poland. Made from the PLAVITEX FF material, they are 100% waterproof.

The waders will let your child play carefree regardless of weather! Now the child can safely sit in a pubble, wet sand, or grass, and we don’t have to worry that it will get wet or cold.

The boots are made of durable plastic, resistant to damage and with a non-slip sole.

Additionally, the original patterns are designed with the yougsters in mind.

The also come with a protective bag, facilitating their storage and transport. The bag may be used by the child to carry other things.

The logo of Kurka Wodna was made with reflective material, so the child is more visible in the evenings and on cloudy days.

PLAVITEX FF is a modern material not containing phtalanates, nontoxic, a safe choice for your child.


Prices given are gross prices.

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